Dream Log: 2016-09-21-W

My younger sister and I were sitting on a couch in front of the TV at our aunt’s house, and we were talking to a really strange person.

He had weird horn-like shapes protruding all over his face, which I suppose was how his skull was structured. He had droopy eyes and the aura of a Hindu god, and when I asked him where in the universe he was from, he just smiled and brought up a holographic display of a large catalog of planets and kept scrolling down the line for a while, each planet with a name written underneath, and I wish I could remember what they were all called.

When I woke up, I realized who he was: Dad.

This is my first Dream Log entry, starting with one I had last year in September. The date in the title refers to the morning when I woke up. Special thanks to my younger sister who took the above photo of our father at one of our favorite places.


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