Dream Log: 2016-09-21-W

My younger sister and I were sitting on a couch in front of the TV at our aunt’s house, and we were talking to a really strange person.

He had weird horn-like shapes protruding all over his face, which I suppose was how his skull was structured. He had droopy eyes and the aura of a Hindu god, and when I asked him where in the universe he was from, he just smiled and brought up a holographic display of a large catalog of planets and kept scrolling down the line for a while, each planet with a name written underneath, and I wish I could remember what they were all called.

When I woke up, I realized who he was: Dad.

This is my first Dream Log entry, starting with one I had last year in September. The date in the title refers to the morning when I woke up. Special thanks to my younger sister who took the above photo of our father at one of our favorite places.


J.E.T. and the Force Remembers

Rated WML (With Much Love)

In a world where the appreciation for comfort and support often fades from memory, one family would like to express their deepest gratitude to all who have shown them kindness in a way that will stand the test of time.

Join MARIVIC, TIFFANY and IZABELA as they celebrate the life of their beloved hero in the tribute film:

Juan Evangelista Tolentino and the Force Remembers


I love you, Dad.